Photo by Pamela Goodyer

About Me

I am a photographer with much experience in both outdoor and studio photoshoots. My major focus is on family and children photography as well as lifestyle, pets headshots, maternity, and birthdays.

Capturing the beautiful moments of loved ones and saving them for your memory is what I do. No lovely event should ever get lost in time!


One of the things my clients love about me the most is how dedicated and diligent I am about always delivering high-quality pictures. Family is very important to me so I don’t take capturing your moment with them for granted. It includes the pets in the house as well.


With an eye for the smallest  details, I love bringing out the very best in people for the whole world to see and marvel at. Having mastered my photographic skills with a rare talent of packaging beautiful moments in a frame, I capture families and their pets gracefully. My focus is on capturing the unfiltered moments of your family with the sophistication of composition seamlessly.


My photographic works tell stories for many years to come as I ensure that they are mesmerizing to relive. I’ve become an expert at creating visual stories that are a product of happy and intimate moments. The result is awe-inspiring, a picture that is so vivid it tells a true story several years to come.


I have a soft heart for pets and enjoy spending my time with them. It helps me understand them better and also be able to take pictures of them beautifully. I have worked with many families and individuals who loved every bit of my work. It will be my pleasure and joy to give you the very best. Contact me!